NevaOS Pure10 v5

Note: NevaOS Pure10 v5 only offers support for Galaxy J7 2016, J7 Prime, J7/5 Pro as Stable and J7 Nxt as beta

• Rebased to Galaxy A6 (2018) - A600GDXU9CUC2
• NFC Added/Fixed (finally)
• VoLTE added for ALL country codes
• Tons of new optimisations mods in build.prop
• Lots of new CSC feature tweaks and mods
• More bloats to choose in AROMA installer
• OneUI 2.0 ; 2.1 ; 2.5 Fully selectable
• New Updated Camera app with new modes added
• Galaxy S21 Ultra OMC
• Mobile Hotspot fully working
• Useless Security stuff in Device Care removed
• Bluetooth Audio improved with new SoundAlive app
• LTS - Long Term Servicing with monthly updates
• More for you to find out

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